Dog Walks – When your pet is boarded at the Davie Dog House, regardless of its accommodations, all dogs are walked on our 2 acre property or are allowed to run and play in our outdoor fenced dog lot four times daily. We feel like it is important for them to be outside to get fresh air, and a chance to stretch their legs. Walks are between 7 am and 7pm during the winter months, and until 8:30 pm in the summer—rain, snow, or shine. All dogs are given treats after their walks at no extra charge

Playtimes – We are adding in playtime(s) during the day if you are interested in letting your dog romp with other dogs, or you can request a private session for your dog. We have a large, beautifully landscaped grass area attached to the building ensuring your animal’s safe play while in our care.

Bath Option – All overnight boarders that stay 5 nights or more get a complimentary bath. Our wonderful groomer, Jennifer Wilkerson, is available for grooming your pet(s), either during their stay here or at another date.

Soothing Music – Our new facility is equipped with an intercom system and music playing 24/7 to soothe the animals. We have purchased CDs of “Through a Dog’s Ear”, a clinical breakthrough in the use of music for dogs! Joshua Leeds, a renowned authority of psychoacoustics and Lisa Spector, a graduate of The Juillard school have worked together on these series of music that have been clinically demonstrated to deeply relax dogs. This music is twice as effective as conventional classic selections to reduce canine anxiety behaviors.

Research conducted using 150 dogs showed that the music on these CDs induced calmness in 70 percent of dogs in shelters and kennels and 85 percent of dogs in households. This music will have benefit for dogs that have hyper-destruction, recreational barking, separation anxiety, excessive barking, thunderstorm phobias or generalized stress. You can learn more about these CDs at and on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Security – In addition to the comforts of home, we have installed a high-tech security system and smoke detectors in the entire boarding area. Should smoke be detected, the Fire Department is automatically called, so you (and we) can feel that your pets are safe while they are with us. We also have a generator in case we have a power outage.

Health and Wellness – Any pet that becomes sick while boarding will have a complimentary exam done by the veterinarian on call. You will need to pay for any medications dispensed, or the doctor will call you if they need to do any tests or treatment. You do not have to worry that your pet will have to wait on a holiday or weekend to be treated. Also, the DDH staff is trained on how to administer your pets medications. The Animal Hospital of East Davie is locally owned and operated by Dr. Emily Roberson. She and her large support staff offer a wide range of options to best diagnose and treat your pets, whether it’s urgent or preventative care. Tools include cutting-edge digital x-ray, surgical laser, therapy K-laser, ultrasound, and a full in-house laboratory.

Sanitization – We use veterinary grade cleaners, all dishes are washed in a dishwasher, and all bedding is washed after each pet’s stay.

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