Our Hospital

A high-quality veterinary hospital, focused on great customer service, near my home in Davie County.

We first opened our doors in January 2004 in order to establish a high-quality veterinary hospital for local pet owners, focused on great customer service, near my home in Davie County. After a yearlong search for land and possible sites for the new business, we settled on the cute 60-year-old garage in the Hillsdale area, and renovated the inside for use as our veterinary hospital. Ten years later, with over 5,000 clients and 22 employees, we finally added on to the building and modified the parking area to allow for current and future expansions of our animal hospital. This included expanding and upgrading the boarding and grooming facilities into luxury rooms and suites on the lower level, which is now the Davie Dog House.

My veterinarians and I offer up-to-date veterinary medicine in a full service veterinary hospital for dogs and cats. We are also happy to see rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and gerbils. We provide wellness care to new puppies and kittens through adulthood, and into your pet’s senior years. We have new IDEXX lab equipment in-house, where test results are only a few minutes away. We have dentistry equipment, a digital radiograph machine, an ultrasound, and a surgical laser. My staff is also trained in therapy K-laser, which is a new and innovative tool for arthritis pain, acute pain and care for swelling and injuries. We also have an IC, where we can treat and observe hospitalized patients, and care for those that have had routine or emergency surgery.

We stock a full-service pharmacy on-site, where we sell heartworm prevention, flea and tick products, as well as medications for arthritis, heart disease, thyroid disease, antibiotics and much more. Through our animal hospital’s website, each client can set up a “Pet Portal” where they can see their pet’s medical history and lists of their medications. This Pet Portal allows clients to confirm and request appointments and refills. Clients also have access to our online store where they can purchase larger quantities of medications, pet food, brands of items that we do not currently keep on-site, and have these items conveniently delivered to their home.

I have assembled a wonderful, experienced team of veterinarians and staff to help take care of the many pet families that we see on a daily basis. I could not be happier to practice in Davie County, and I am excited about the future of the county and the Animal Hospital of East Davie.

We’re proud to provide care to pets from Advance, Winston-Salem and all of our local communities. Thank you for making us your pet care providers of choice. From our entire team of veterinarians and staff, we look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Emily Roberson