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We are proud to offer high quality canine reproductive services! Dr. Amber Nebel-Karp completed a Comparative Theriogenology residency program at North Carolina State University and has extensive experience in canine reproduction.

We highly recommend all breeding males and females have their breed-specific health testing recommended or required by the AKC and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) as well as a negative brucellosis test within the past 6 months. Brucellosis, or Brucella canis, is a lifelong bacterial infection that can be passed from dogs to humans and is responsible for abortion, resorption of litters, and infertility in dogs and people. Even though this isn’t commonly found in North Carolina, some breeders may require proof of a negative test for use of their studs. Links for the AKC and OFA as well as CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) are provided below:




Reproduction services we provide are:

  • Breeding consultation and soundness examinations
  • Breed-specific health testing (OFA patellas and cardiology auscultation)
  • Same-day progesterone testing 
  • Vaginal cytology 
  • Brucellosis testing 
  • Semen collection, evaluation, and shipping 
  • Infertility work-up
  • Vaginal AI or transcervical insemination (TCI) with fresh and shipped semen 
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and high risk management
  • Mismate diagnosis and termination
  • Pre-whelp radiographs 
  • C-section with staging
  • Neonatal care
  • Medical and surgical management of pyometra

We recommend starting breeding management 5-8 days into their cycle with both serum progesterone and vaginal cytology. Most females typically have 1-5 breeding management appointments before they are ready to be bred. At your first appointment, please provide information on the stud you plan to be using, how you would like to breed as well as the number of breedings you are wanting this cycle, and how the semen is being provided: fresh or shipped. 

We look forward to working with you and your dog in the future!