Dog Park Safety

Tanglewood Dog Park Grand Opening May 5

We are so excited that the long awaited off-leash dog park is opening in nearby Tanglewood Park. This Sunday, May 5 is the Grand Opening. This is the first Dog Park on this side of Forsyth County and the closest to Davie County. Many of the park’s visitors have probably never been to a dog park before. In this blog article we will discuss how to make your visits fun and safe for you and your dog.

Before you Go

Make sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date. Nothing will ruin a trip more than coming home and finding out your puppy got sick. Diseases like parvo and distemper are scary, but preventable. Young dogs need to be socialized, but find a friend with a fully vaccinated older dog to have play dates with until your baby has had all of his shots.

If your dog has aggression issues THE DOG PARK IS NOT THE PLACE TO WORK THEM OUT. Find a dog trainer, talk to your vet, get your dog more exercise on a leash where you have control, but don’t let a dog you know has problems loose on everyone else. Other people’s pets can get hurt and you can get sued. If you are not sure if your dog will be ok, keep him on his leash until you see how he reacts.

Your First Visit

We would recommend taking your dog on a long leash walk before entering the fence. This will drain off some energy, especially if you have a high energy dog. Once you have been a few times and you and your dog get used to the routine, this may not be necessary. Keep your dog on his leash and scope out the other dogs in the park. Be alert for potential troublemakers. Once your dog is calm and you are comfortable, let him off the leash but stay close and monitor his activities. If this sounds like taking your kids to the playground, there are a lot of similarities. The same potential for fun and injury exists.


Make sure you have water for you and your dog, especially if it’s a warm day. Running around in the sun will heat up your fur covered friend and he’ll need it. Of course bring bags to dispose of waste. Be sure your dog has his collar with up to date ID information. Have Fun!